Uninstalling Smadav Completely

For some programs in our PC, the uninstallation has been facilitated via control panel. If you are about to uninstall the program on your Windows PC, just go to control panel, and get into Program and Features, then you can uninstall it. But not all of your PC programs can be uninstalled via control panel menu, that is also a classic problem for Windows PC. One of the Windows software that cannot be uninstalled via control panel is Smadav. Smadav is an antivirus software developed by Indonesian antivirus corporation. It is widely used by many computer users in Indonesa. But, in case if you think that you have had your best antivirus already, then you need to select one of the antiviruses to be uninstalled, because having too many antivirus is also not good for your PC performance. Today, I would like to share about how to uninstall your Smadav completely including the registries and remained files on its folder. Let’s check it out!


Steps to uninstall Smadav Anti-virus without any software:

• Open Smadav and go to Protection page (this page contains all the main menu of Smadav such as automatic scan and many more).
• There will be Smart-Protection page, at that page you can choose the uninstall option.
• Just follow the steps of uninstallation. If the uninstallation has been finished, you will see the icon of Smadav on desktop and taskbar has dissappeared.
• But the process of uninstallation has not stopped yet. You need to go into Disk (C:) to delete the Smadav folder. Now go to My Computer > Disk (C:) > Program Files.
• There are some files on Smadav folder that cannot be removed such as the files with .dll extention. To delete this .dll extention file, you can rename the .dll files into whatever the name you want, change the extension from .dll into .txt extention.
• Now, you can delete the folder, if the removal process is successful, then it will be good!
• Open the registry editor by getting the Start button+R, then type “regedit” on the available box and click “Ok”.
• On registry editor, get into Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software. Then delete the Smadav folder by having a right-click and choose delete.


• If the Smadav folder on Computer > Local Disk (C: ) > Program Files in Windows Explorer cannot be deleted, you need to repeat the step above until it is successfully deleted. And if it is deleted successfully, then the process of uninstallation has finished.

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