Android Google Translate Can be Used in Offline Mode

Hello everyone! Do you have Android phone? If you have, you must be so familiar with so many applications in Android. For you who always like to chat, there are many instant messaging apps in Google Play Store, such as Whatsapp, Line, Facebook Messager, WeChat and many more. Sometimes even we use those applications as our official business service. But what about if we have the business customers or business partners who come from other country? They sometimes and most often speak different language. Maybe it’s fine if they can speak English, you also have some skills or even you are fluent in speaking English, but what about both of you can’t speak English and speak different language other than English? The business activity would be harmed.

Therefore, Google catches that opportunity to develop Google Translate. This is the service given through the web to ease everyone to translate the written text into many and various kinds of language so that both can understand what they speak. But today, you are not only able to access Google Translate on the web, because Google now has Google Translate app for Android.


The more good news is that, Google Translate app now is not only available if there is an internet connection, you can also now translate the text by using offline mode in Google Translate app. Today, I would like to share about how to use Google Translate App in offline mode in your Android phone. The steps are so easy anyway.

Here are the steps:

– Open your android phone, go to main menu.
– Please find Google Play Store.
– Find out “Google Translate”
– After you find the app, please donwload it.
– After the process of downloading is finished, wait for a moment for its installation process.
– To get offline translation, you need to download the language packet. Download it on Google Play Store. It is now available for 50 languages around the world.
– After the installation process has been successful, now you can go to Google Translate app. Click “open” on it.
– Or you also can go to “Home”, tap the menu, find out Google Translate app.
– After you go to the home interface of Google Translate, you need to have some adjustment.
– On the top right corner of the app, click the menu and you will have some options there.
– Please choose “Offline Language”
– Now, you can use Google Translate in offline mode. So, whenever you go somewhere around the world and you don’t have any internet coverage while you need to talk to people there, use this app!

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