Tips to Stabilize Your Android Signal

There are many inconveniences and complains by Android phone users, and it is especially on the signal stability. The rapid change of connection speed always happens on EDGE, 3G, HSDPA and even 4G LTE. Sometimes when you enjoy surving the internet or streaming a video in Youtube, the connection suddenly goes low and it disturbs you, when you are streaming using 4G LTE connection but suddenly the connection changes into 3G or EDGE it will decrease the level of comfortability. The cause is not only because of unequal 4G LTE signal in certain country or area you are in, but also because of the connection setting that you set on your android phone. You can set your connection setting so that it will be more stable.


But before we delve into the discussion, I need to remind you that the tips do not give you the way to strengthen your connection signal, but rather, to make your connection signal becomes more stable than before. It is something common that in every android phone, there is a menu for signal/connection setting, but some android phones also hide this menu. The steps to manage the connection in android phone are by choosing:



Without tapping the “Call” menu, you can see directly the info on your android phone: Battery information, phone information, usage statistics, and wifi information. Please choose “phone information”.

In this menu, there are many information such as IMEI, Phone number, network and signal connection, internet data etc. To test the connection, please runs “Run ping test”. This menu is used to switch the connection from “Preferred” into “Only” mode. There are many option that you have on this menu such as WCDMA preferred, GSM only (EDGE, GPRS), WCDMA only (HSDPA, HSDPA+ and 3G), Global, LTE only and others.

Please choose “WCDMA only” if you are about to prefer the connection between HSDPA until 3G, and if you are about to use 4G connection please choose “LTE only”, but as the consequence of the choice, you cannot receive any call or SMS on your android phone. After you choose that, you can click “Refresh” to take the effect. The note is that, if your area has covered 4G and HSDPA – 3G signals, it is better for you to set the connection into “LTE only” or “WCDMA only”, but in case if your area is only covered by EDGE (GPRS), it is suggested for you to set it into “GSM only”. Please bare in your mind, forcing an “only” menu in a lower connection area will make your phone is hard to afford the available connection in that area that will also force you to continuously reset the connection manually, and if you don’t adjust the signal, you can lose the connection. But the benefit if you use the “only” menu is that the signal will be more stable and it will lessen the probability of your battery being drained too fast.

Often in many case, if you set into “preferred” menu, the phone will work harder because the phone will always find the signal available in area you are in and it takes too many power of battery.

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