3 Causes of Broken I-Phone Charger Cable

For those of you who have I-Phone or other iOS products, there is always something that we are really afraid to happen; the charger cable is broken! Well, something we buy of course will never be everlasting, there will be the time for our gadget to be broken or being error and many more. The thing is, we only can prevent our gadget from a terrible accident and use it wisely, those are maybe the most realistic solutions for us to avoid a terrible thing happens to our gadget.

But to prevent something to happen, we also need to understand the cause, because if we don’t know the causes of something to happen, we will also never know the steps of prevention. Today, I will give you the explanation about 3 causes of broken I-Phone charger cable. Before we go in-depth with that, I think it’s something common for every I-Phone user to bring everything important for our I-Phone; start from headset, charger, powerbank etc. Most of the smartphone equipments are using cable. So, we need to take care all of those cables stuffs from being broken.


Here are some causes of broken charger cable of I-Phone:

a) Rubber material which is easy to break

Usually, the material for cable of gadget or tab are made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coated by plastic material. This material is made as the insulator for electric cable that makes the cable solid, durable, and elastic. The fact is that Apple doesn’t use that material for their product under the reason that PVC contains a non-environmentally friendly material especially this material contains a dangerous substance such as plasticizer. As the alternative, Apple uses a rubber as their material for the cable. The rubber material makes I-Phone’s charger cable become so light, easy to be rolled and so thin. But of course rubber also has the weaknesses, one of them is easy to be exfoliated. If you roll it too tight, most probably the rubber material will be broken.

b) The charger cable is untreated well

Most of the users of I-Phone only use the charger cable when they want to charge and most often they deny and to be careless toward the treatment for the cable. If you are about to roll the charger cable, please roll it slowly so that the internal materials of the cable are not easy to be folded or to be broken.


c) Strain Relief

The main factor of I-Phone’s charger cable is easy to break is that because the charger cable is not coated by strain relief. What is strain relief? Strain relief is a “ring” which is put on the neck of the cable. This is functioned as the crutch to prevent the cable to break when it is bended. Actually apple on its cable products, especially for I-Phone uses the strain relief but it doesn’t use the proper material so that it is easy to break once the users bend it too hard.


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