3 Android Apps which are Useful but You Don’t Know it!

What is your main reason to choose Android as your mobile platform? Many of us might say because it’s easy to be used because the system of android offered is so easy to be accessed, other reasons maybe because it has various access for users to support their life such as the easiness to get the useful apps that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and you can choose between the free apps and paid apps. But, you also need to know that there are many apps brought in your android smartphone which have many useful functions too. Today, I will discuss about 3 android aps which are useful but you don’t know it.


1. Opera Max

This app is developed by Opera Software ASA. This app is an internet browser which can save your internet data. This app works like VPN. When you search something in Opera Max, Opera will connect it with its server and all data or page you visit will be compressed so that you internet data will be saver than using other browser apps. It also offers you an online privacy protection, block and restrict data-hungry apps and many more. This browser’s size is 9.32MB.


2. Office Lens

Office lens is actually available in Google Play Store and App Store for iOS. This app is developed by Microsoft. Office Lens is like a scanner which can scan all your documents as like scanning by a scanner tool, but the difference is that, Office Lens is a smartphone app that you can bring everywhere. It can scan a document, a writing in whiteboard even an ID card. The size of this app is 30.91MB.


3. Mimicker Alarm

Using an alarm to wake you up every morning is something usual. And, the very problem that you will face is that, you will always set it off and lay down again on your bed and you will forget your daily activity after that. Well, Mimicker Alarm works greatly to avoid that sympthoms. It will oblige you to present a suitable face mimic or otherwise, you can never switch it off! This app is so great to make people to wake up. This app is also developed by Microsoft garage project and it has been downloaded by more than 100.000 Google Play Store users. Today’s version has been advanced by tongue twister, escape alarm ringing after a few mimic failures and many more. This app is only 13.81 MB and you can download it via Google Play Store.


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