3 Best Ways to Do Screenshot in Windows 10

There are a lot of questions that come to me, such as my firends, about how to use a screenshot feature in Windows 10. Well, it is something common to have a lot of questions since Windows 10 is completely a new product. I should admit that there are some changes in menu and configuration made by Windows 10 from its predecessor, Windows 8.1. today, I would like to share tutorial about how to maka a screenshot in Windows 10. Actually, those ways are so simple. But I will not include the manual way to have a screenshot in Windows PC anymore in this article, since, everybody has known, in my assumption, about how to use “Fn+PrtSc”, and actually it is one of the solutions. But now I would like to share about how to have a screenshot in Windows 10 by using the softwares in Windows 10 including the third party apps.


1. Using Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is a screenshot feature introduced by Windows started from Windows 7 edition. It is a default software by Windows to take a screenshot on your Windows PC. I don’t think it is a new thing if you are familiar with Windows 7. There are many options available in Snipping Tool for the users, such as “Free From Snip”, it is used to take screenshot based on the user’s preferred area. It also has “Rectengular Snip”, it is used to take screenshot in rectangle position, and many more such as “Windows Snip” and the last is “Full Screen Snip”. By the way, you can access it thorugh the main menu bar on your Windows 10 PC.


2. Microsoft Snip

Microsoft Snip is a tool to have a screenshot on your Windows 10 developed by Microsoft Garage. The strengths brought by this software is that it gives the editing feature for Windows 10 users. The features are Capture, Whiteboard, and Camera. It is an easy-used software and has been available for all Windows 10 users.


3. Game Bar for Windows 10

It is also a default software brought by Windows in Windows 10. It is used to record the screen and take a screenshot on your windows PC. To activate this sofware, you can click “Win + G”. To take a screenshot, you just need to click the menu “Screenshot” and or you can manually do it by “Win + Alt + PrtSc”. The result of your screenshots will be saved automatically on “C:\Users\User\Videos\Captures”.


So, that’s all the ways to take a screenshot on your Windows 10 PC. Hopefully this tutorial can help you much, thank you.

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