How To Use Instagram Android For Newbie


Do you want to use Instagram on your smartphone but you don’t know how? You come to the right place. You will learn how to use Instagram in this tutorial.

How To Install Instagram For Android

  1. Open Play Store app. install-instagram-1
  2. Tap the Search bar and type “instagram”. There will be some recommendations, but choose the one that is released by Instagram. Then tap the Install button. install-instagram-2
  3. Tap Accept button to give app permissions. install-instagram-3
  4. Wait for it to downloaded and installed to your smartphone. After finished you need to register or make a new account, if you don’t have any, to use the app. install-instagram-4

How To Register A New Instagram Account

There are two ways to register a new account in Instagram. Take a look at this image below.


a. Register Using Facebook Account

  1. Open Instagram app. Tap Log in with Facebook
  2. Input email and password that you use for your Facebook account. Tap Log in Then tap OK.
  3. Input username for your Instagram account. Tap Next.
  4. Tap Next/Skip for the next few buttons. Then tap the checkmark button.
  5. Done.

b. Register Using Email or Phone Number

  1. Open Instagram app. Tap Sign up button.
  2. Tap Sign up with email or phone number.
  3. If you choose email, you need to do this:
    • Tap Next or change the email first.
    • Fill the required fields: Profile picture (can be empty), Full name (can be empty), Username and Password. Tap Next.
  1. If you choose phone number, you need to do this:
    • Tap Sign up with your phone number instead.
    • Input your phone number. Tap Next.
    • SMS with the confirmation code in it will be delivered.
    • Input the code. Tap Next.
    • Fill the required fields: Profile picture (can be empty), Full name (can be empty), Username and Password. Tap Next.
  2. Tap Next/Skip for the next few buttons.
  3. Done.

Note: Profile picture and Full name do not need to be filled during registration process because it can be added after the registration process finished. If you put a wrong phone number, you can tap Back button before the registration process finished.

How To Use Instagram

When you first open the application after log in, you will be taken to the home page of the application. It will show all the posts from your following list and your own posts, like the one shown in the picture bellow.


  1. Button to give Like, you can also do the double taps in the picture.
  2. Button to give Comment, you can use hashtag and mention other user.
  3. Options button, you can report an inappropriate instagram post from this.
  4. Instagram Hashtag allows user to group photos in a label.
  5. Instagram Tag allows user to tag and mention another user.
  6. Time of the post was made. Instagram uses number and a character to make it simpler, for example h = hour, d = day, and w = week.
  7. Direct Message It allows user to send picture to another user in private. It will not be available publicly

Next to the Home button, there is the Explore button. In here, you can see and search posts from all Instagram users.


Button in the middle is a Camera button. It is used to add new Instagram post. If we tap it, we will be shown some buttons:


  1. Choose photo from Gallery.
  2. Create new photo.
  3. Create new video.

You can see notifications inside News tab. It is full of information about your account activities like, new followers, what is liked by your friends, etc.


The last tab is Profile tab. In here, you can see your profile information like the amount of posts, followers and followings. There is also edit button to edit your profile information.


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